8 Best Betta Fish Tank that You’d Want to Buy Straight Away

Are you in need of the best betta fish tank? Or do you want to keep bettas healthy? It’s super easy to keep the bettas happy in large tanks, usually 5 to 20 gallons.

Aquarium comes in different sizes and shapes, along with endless options. One weird myth is that betta fish can thrive in small closets or bowls. But in reality, this kind of fish needs enough space to swim and proper filtration to live longer and healthier. So, a large tank from 5 to 55 gallons is the essential requirement for bettas. 

Why are tank kits or aquariums so popular? They include every primary feature like filtration, fish tank heaters, filters, live plants, lighting, aesthetics, etc. Here are some bonuses for having these tank kits. Firstly, it is effortless to care for labyrinth fish with it. Secondly, a lot of space to decorate the home of frightening fish with live plants, small mirrors, and floating logs. 

Before digging deep into the best tanks for betta fish, there are some prefaces and basics to keep in mind. Never keep 2 bettas in a single aquarium. If you do, then prepare to face the music. Always choose a tank kit that includes the filter because it avoids the toxic buildup of nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia which can affect the bettas’ immune system. 

Investing in the right aquarium can help draw out bettas’ lifespan. If you’re looking for a perfect home for your betta, this article will help you.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying the Best Tanks for Betta Fish 

Indeed, there are infinite options for choosing tanks, bowls, and aquariums. Many options to pick the best betta fish tank sometimes create clutter. Selecting which is best for your betta fish could be more challenging. So, here we are with a few critical factors listed below for your ease.

Betta Fish Tank Size

Does the betta fish tank size matter? It does because bettas are petite fish who love to be alone. A small tank doesn’t provide freedom like a more oversized do and contains air pumps instead of filters. Secondly, it gets dirty quickly and affects the lifespan of the fish. Plus, you’ll have to replace the filthy water with a fresh one, and that’s not the perfect habitat for bettas. At the same time, a 5-gallons tank or 10-gallon aquarium is doing its best to keep the betta fish happy. They feature premium quality filters, namely hang-on-back filters, so it’s ok if you change the water weekly. Various shapes of fish tanks are available such as vertical fish tanks, split aquariums, and hexagonal shapes. It’s up to you which shape you like the most, but the betta fish tank size shouldn’t be less than 5 gallons.

Filtration and Lighting

A complete aquarium kit ideally includes the filter, making upkeep super easy. Why is lighting so important? Let’s suppose you have live plants in your aquarium. They will need light to grow. Additionally, it filters the nutrients in a fish tank and makes the bettas more comfortable. Nowadays, LED lights are economical for providing surplus heat to live plants. In the aquarium, a maximum of 8 to 10 hours of light are required, so it is imperative to maintain a balance between darkness and light. Fishing experts recommend a tank kit with filtration and LED lighting to keep the bettas healthier.

Aquarium Heater

Betta fish is originally tropical fish and needs warm water to survive. If you are in a cold climate, don’t forget to add a heater & thermometer because cold water may kill the betta fish and make it vulnerable to diseases. Best temperature range for a bettas tank is 23°C, 28°C and 30°C. Not to mention, a few aquariums are compact so keep in mind the size of your tank when buying an aquarium heater. However, these submersible heaters ensure that temperature will not fluctuate and remain constant.

Betta Fish Tank Lid

Bettas can use oxygen, not from water but also the air. If the betta fish tank comes with little space among water and lid, it would be so good. Sometimes oxygen levels in water drop due to reasons. The lid space in the aquarium will be a bonus for bettas to inhale swiftly while being on the water surface. However, the finest top protects and minimizes the chances of betta fish jumping to the floor. The high-quality lid does the job of keeping your fish inside the water of the aquarium.

Water Quality 

Betta fish love to be alone, so never raise any other type of tropical fish. It’s recommended to fill the aquarium with water having a pH of 6.5-7.5. Another option is to set the water conditioner in a freshwater tank kit that will neutralize heavy metals and chloramine. A practical approach to make water clean and safe for bettas. Change the betta fish tank water regularly or weekly depending upon the condition of the aquarium water. Bettas take time to adjust themselves according to the environment.

Betta Fish Tank Shape

Does the shape of the aquarium matter? Yes, it is one of the essential factors to consider before buying a tank setup. Many shapes are available such as rectangular, hexagonal, box, and so on. All these tank shapes are suitable for betta fish and serve the same. Although, personal preference is most important because it depends on what’s your favorite. Either round or curved, you can go with other shapes too. Secondly, ensure you have enough area to keep the betta’s aquarium properly without posing a problem. Remember, a more comprehensive betta fish tank offers several benefits — For instance, a larger surface area for oxygen exchange. A broader aquarium provides more hiding space for fish and quite a bit of decorating space.

Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit
Aqueon Aquarium Betta Fish Tank Starter Kit
SeaClear Hexagon Best Acrylic Betta Fish Tank Kit
Tetra Crescent Aquarium Curved-Front Kit 
Hagen Fluval Chi Best Betta Fish Tank Setup
Koller 5-Gallons Aquarium 
Marineland  LED & Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit
LANDEN Rimless 5 Gallon Aquarium 

List of 3 Best Betta Fish Tank Kits of 20 Gallons

Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

ColorFusion aquarium is the product of the brand Tetra. It has a capacity of 20 gallons which is ideal tank size. With LED lights and a rectangular shape, this aquarium offers vibrant scenery. This feature allows you to customize the bettas’ habitat with any color. The plastic hood not only seals the aquarium but also reduces water evaporation. Two utopia plants are included to create a friendly environment for betta fish. In addition, the ColorFusion aquarium has a filter that sways the white anemones and provides space for bettas to hide and rest. A heater is pre-installed in Tetra 20 gallons tank kit to maintain the recommended temperature. Meanwhile, the thermometer outside of the aquarium does its job well. In short, the ColorFusion tank kit has all the essential accessories to get into a thrilling fishkeeping hobby. Grab the betta fish, care items, and gravel and customize the seafloor with an intriguing Tetra ColorFusion aquarium.  


  • Perfect tank size
  • LED lighting & décor
  • Build quality is top-notch
  • Filter along with filter bag
  • The thermometer does work properly
  • Heater with recommended temperature
  • White anemones to minimize bettas stress


  • Ideal tank size
  • Include decorative plants
  • Small flacks for feeding bettas
  • A high-quality filter keeps the water clean
  • Not to worry about temperature fluctuation


  • Filter stops working
  • Plastic hood hard to swivel


The ColorFusion is a beginner 20-gallon fish tank that is enough to keep bettas healthy and jubilant. It contains all basic setup, namely LED lighting, filter, thermometer, heater, hood, and white anemones. Small flakes are also provided with this starter kit to feed the fish. One thing that creates a mess is the plastic hood due to low quality. It’s tough to swivel, but the overall build quality is top-notch and lasts longer.

Aqueon Aquarium Betta Fish Tank Starter Kit

Aqueon aquarium has box shape design and offers a comforting habitat to fish. Vivacious LED lighting for illumination enhances the overall look of the betta fish tank. There is a convenient door where the fish can feed, and other compartments contain necessary accessories. Aqueon fish tank counts as the best aquarium for beginners. Bonus, the filter uses modern LED light to inform the user about cartridge replacement. The red light flashes up. That’s a sign that you should change the aquarium cartridge.

What’s more? Aqueon aquarium 20 gallons tank comes with a fishing net to clean debris or to remove surplus food. Moreover, a water conditioner, heater, fish food, stick-on thermometer, and guide for the aquarium setup are also included. Make the betas habitat your own by adding plants, gravel, and anything else you find appealing.


  • Box shaped 
  • LED pro filter
  • Easy-peasy upkeep
  • Convenient sections
  • Advance 5-stage filtration
  • Heater & stick-on thermometer
  • LED light for cartridge replacement


  • Low-profile best-LED hood
  • Heater maintains the temperature 
  • Includes whole habitat setup except the decor


  • A heater is somewhat blip
  • The red LED light doesn’t work properly


Aqueon 20 Gallons is one of the best betta fish tanks for beginners and mavens. This kit is like buy one and get free all basic setups: heater, LED hood, water conditioner, thermometer, and QuietFlow pro filter. It works perfectly and is easy to do maintenance of the aquarium. Red light and pro filter are always in touch and alert the users to change the cartridge. No doubt, a 20 gallons tank kit has more space and sections where the bettas can hide, swim and play around. Sometimes, a glitch happens due to the heater and Red LED light, but if you take proper care of your aquarium, it won’t happen.

SeaClear Hexagon Best Acrylic Betta Fish Tank Kit

SeaClear Hexagon is a 20-gallon acrylic best betta fish tank with visible glass strata instead of plastic. The aquarium is lighter than other available kits. In addition, due to hexagonal and seamless design, appearance becomes more tempting. What’s included? It includes artificial plants, a filter, natural lava rock, a thermometer, and a fishnet. Unluckily, SeaClear acrylic aquarium kits don’t contain a bulb for lighting. Most aquarists are not happy with light fixtures. But it’s best for saltwater fish, bettas, reptiles, and turtles. SeaClear acrylic aquariums are designed to give unequivocal views inside the tank kit. Aquarists can keep an eye on betta fish from any slant, whether it’s comfortable and happy or not.


  • Hexagonal design is striking
  • It consists of lava rock & plants 
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • White background for a clear view


  • Plastic plants & lava rocks 
  • Tank weight is not too heavy 
  • Best for bettas, reptiles, and turtles 
  • Acrylic tank lessen temperature fluctuations


  • Light blips
  • No light bulb included in the kit


What makes SeaClear Hexagon aquarium so good? It’s the best betta fish tank set up to give a shot because the design is acrylic which aids in lowering the temperature fluctuation. The texture is more demanding than glass and depicts the vibrant view of bettas movement. The hexagonal shape enhances the crystal transparency, something like an HD view. Cleaning the SeaClear Hexagon aquarium can be much more annoying than a regular tank. Plastic plants are fixed on lava rocks that are not so condensed, and a lot of space, up to 20 gallons, is there for betta fish to dive and delight— No need to buy an LED fixture because it’s already in the tank setup. SeaClear is the best tank setup that will help you keep bettas happy!

Best 5 Gallon Tank for Betta Fish

Tetra Crescent Aquarium Curved-Front Kit 

The Crescent aquarium kit is ideal for tropical fish and goldfish. Tetra brand is adding ease to aquarists by offering outstanding betta fish tanks. It has a curved front and power filter for a clean and healthy environment. Brilliant LED bright lights are veiled inside the hood or black cover, and an adapter is provided. The Crescent tank kit includes different chambers where users can keep plants, gravel, betta fish tank mates, and much more. High-quality food for betta fish is also offered in 5-gallons in Crescent aquarium. Always set a heater in a tropical fish tank for optimum temperature. A premium quality around-the-clock working filter keeps pulling the water from bettas tank. After passing through filter cartridges, mesh does its job of catching waste and debris to make aquarium water clean.


  • Curved-front 
  • Seamless tank
  • Bright white LED lights
  • Dual mesh filter cartridges
  • Include a variety of fish food
  • Contain adapter for LED lights


  • Looks great
  • Separate oval-shaped feeding area 
  • The shape and aquarium size is decent
  • Filter with dual mesh for deep cleaning


  • Noisy filter
  • Tand lid needs upgrading


Tetra Crescent is the best betta fish tank for beginners, and its shape & size are good. LED lights are bright to light up the water and keep bettas healthy. Indeed, to please your bettas, super quality food is also offered with this betta fish tank kit. The lid of the aquarium needs little effort to swivel. But once you fill the tank with water, it becomes easy to fit the right— Oval shaped chamber for feeding. You can cover it with mesh or anything else. One of the shortcomings is a noisy filter that produces too much sound, which creates a problem. Above all, Tetra Crescent is the best 5-gallon long tank for betta fish and adds worth to your bettas home with its size and other remarkable features.

Hagen Fluval Chi Best Betta Fish Tank Setup

Fluval Chi betta fish tank kit from Hagen brand is one of the top choices of aquarists. Elegant design, smooth water flow, and horizontal shape inspire the users. The filtration unit is styled perfectly to deliver an even water flow, just like a fountain. So captivating, isn’t it? Plus, it starts filtering the tank kit water from the bottom and needs no more adjustments. In Hagen Fluval Chi LED light is in connection with filters and is decent for plastic plants. What a best betta fish tank setup! The waterfall and shape of the aquarium are heart-winning. It’s better to switch from a 2.5-gallon betta tank to 5-gallons for a betta fish healthy life. Buy a premium heater separately for maintaining the temperature in the Fluval Chi aquarium. Adding the décor, gravel, and live & plastic plants can give a more enticing touch to the aquarium. If bettas feel lonely, you can introduce the betta fish tank mates without worrying about aquarium size.


  • Easy to access filter 
  • Material is real glass
  • Eye-catching waterfall
  • Convenient for tropical fish 
  • 5-gallons best betta fish tank


  • Durable glass design
  • Includes 3-stage pro filtration unit
  • Ideal for beginners as well as proficient
  • Spaces for betta fish tank mates, food and décor


  • LED light is just basic
  • The filter unit makes noise


Fluval Chi is the best betta fish tank setup within your budget. Glass quality of the aquarium is durable, and the waterfall from the filtration unit is incredible. The downside is if the filters stop working, a user will have to buy a new unit. LED lights will also fail in that case; that may cost much to buy both. All in all, it needs less attention for maintenance, and waterfall flow is adequate for bettas happiness. A filtration unit in working condition improves the water quality and makes the Hagen Fluval Chi the best tank for betta fish.

Koller 5-Gallons Aquarium 

Do you want 7-color LED lighting affordable aquarium? Koller 5-gallon aquarium starter kit is the best option for under $56. Trendy design and superior build material of betta fish tank make them leak-proof and durable. Premium plastic texture gives a crystal clear sight that is dazzling. Power filters of Koller 5-gallons make the easy flow and keep aquarium water optimal for bettas and much tropical fish. Dazzling colors of LED allow the aquarists to set the color according to their favorite color for eye-catching day and night views.

Koller’s 5-gallons tank setup is always ready for full customization. Décor the betta’s tank with anemones, live plants, gravels, rocks, balls, or anything according to your taste. Poly-fiber is present on dual sides for removing the debris and fish waste. It’s up to you how you will further decorate this best 5-gallon tank for betta fish. Comfort your fish by buying separately a heater, thermometer, air conditioner, and much more of our interest. Koller 5-gallons aquarium is the best option for the fun of all ages and the wide variety of tropical fish.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Trendy design
  • High-strength silicone is  used in a glass enclosure
  • A perfect tank that is not for betta fish only, but also for other tropical fish 


  • Unique hood
  • Perfect filtration
  • Rectangular shape
  • Ideal aquarium size
  • Makes upkeep easy
  • Finest filter cartridges
  • Cool and refreshing design
  • Use for a wide variety of fish
  • It doesn’t occupy more space 
  • Fully assembled and completely waterproof 
  • A lot of room for fitting and setting equipment


  • LED lights don’t last longer
  • Buying a heater and other necessary accessories can be costly


Koller 5-gallon aquarium kit is a perfect leak-proof tank for fish. A rectangular tank of glass with 7 great colors reduces the stress. Effortless to clean and unique hood inclines ascendant which conserve the moisture. Painless to set up a Koller LED aquarium and suitable for beginner’s aquarists. Due to its impact resistance and capacity to accommodate air conditioners and other accessories, it is an excellent choice for users.

Marineland  LED & Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit

Compared to other tanks, the Marineland Portrait Glass tank has rounded corners and takes up less space. This tank looks excellent from the work desk just because of its thick curved glass. The betta quickly moves in the tank because plants and other decor take up less room in the tank. It comes with a 3-stage adjustable filter in the back of the Marineland LED & Portrait Glass aquarium 5 gallons kit. A 3- way switch of LED light that toggles between two lights. The first one is white, and the second one is blue, which only creates a shimmering effect. Like, the underwater effect of sunlight and moonlight glow. Set the white light for night and the blue one during daytime. 


  • Eco-friendly rounded corner 
  • Clear viewing from multiple angles 
  • Advance 3-stage filter with adjustable flow
  • Daylight effect with blue light and moonlight effect with white light


  • Portrait orientation
  • Hidden filtration unit
  • Cleaning and maintaining is easy
  • Two different light settings on the tank 
  • Separate power control of lights and pumps 
  • Natural shimmering effect with LED light of the tank 


  • Low amount of space for plants and décor
  • The back filter area space is narrow for cleaning


Marineland LED & Portrait Glass aquarium comes with unique features. In the back chamber, a mountain for setting the heater and CO2 diffuser. Take up less space and are fish friendly. It also includes a base and a unique glass canopy at the back for easy feeding and water care dosing. Seamless edges and portrait orientation improve the inside overview of the best Marineland LED 5-gallon betta fish tank.

LANDEN Rimless 5 Gallon Aquarium 

LANDEN Rimless aquariums are modern aquariums. They are made with an ultra-clear 6mm thick heavy-duty glass with high light transmitting. The low iron design looks sleek and attractive. You can keep this aquarium anywhere. LANDEN Rimless is the favorite tank of many aquarists, and with little dough, you can also buy splendid habitat for your betta fish. You can easily blend this fish tank with any home or office decor. This fish tank provides a comprehensive vision for a look with 91% of transparency with high-quality glass. LANDEN low iron tank has rigid cutting surfaces which protect the 5-gallon aquarium kit from injuries. LANDEN aquarium is suitable for crystal shrimp, bettas, neon, and blue king tetra fish.


  • Smooth feeling with grinding edge
  • This Rimless betta fish tank is acid and alkali resistant
  • Edge feels smooth with the German silica handmade gel
  • Its large view gives the experience of a bezel-less design
  • Professional packaging and transportation safety are guaranteed
  • Very high-quality manufacturing standard with accurate size and the right angle


  • Clear visibility
  • Vast space for decor and toys for fish
  • Multiple betta fish tank sizes available
  • Visually appealing and timeless design
  • Transportation safety with great packaging 
  • Smooth chamfering style with sharp boundaries
  • High-quality glass with superb light transmittance
  • Fits for crystal shrimps, bettas, and neon & blue king tetra fish


  • Costly
  • It doesn’t include a top 
  • Leakage problem


LANDEN Rimless is the best 5-gallon aquarium kit with grinding edges and a smooth design. Silicon is all around the betta fish tank, shielding it from unexpected scratches. The leakage-proof and acid-resistant design will last longer if a user properly cares. LANDEN low iron aquarium is accessible in different dimensions and volumes ranging from 2 to 72.2 gallons. You can use this tank for crystal shrimps, tropical fish, and bettas. LANDEN Rimless 5-gallon aquarium kit is slightly costly because it doesn’t include a heater, filter, thermometer, and air conditioner.


What Should Be the Best Betta Fish Tank Size?

Bettas prefer to live alone and be active and need more space to swim and move around. That’s the reason a 5-gallon tank for betta fish is highly recommended. Remember, never keep two bettas in a single aquarium.

How Can I Keep Bettas Fish Happy in Small Tanks?

No biggie, you can use live or plastic plants and a few other miniature tank adornments to keep the betta fish happy.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Best Betta Fish Tank Or Aquarium?

Cost may vary because it depends on how much you can invest in the best betta fish tank setup. Usually, aquarium kits start from $50 to $100, excluding the additional overheads such as substrate, heater, decoration, and much more.

What are the Safe Bettas’ Tank Mates?

Mystery Snails, Pygmy Corydoras, Snowball Plecos, Cherry Barb, Harlequin Rasboras, Ghost shrimp, Moss Balls, and Feeder Guppies are the best and safe betta fish tank mates.

How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank Kit?

It’s a cinch to clean the aquarium, a few things you’ll need such as a bucket, water conditioners, siphon, and scrubber. First, drain off 1/3 of the fish tank water into the container. Take out all interior decoration from the aquarium and rinse that stuff with warm water. With the help of a scrubber, scrub off algae or other contaminants. Finally, put the décor back in bettas tank kit and refill it with pre-conditioned water.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, a busy lifestyle is continuously bombarded with so much stress. A best betta fish tank with beautiful design and dazzling LED light can overcome all these worries by portraying Seaview at home. Fishkeeping is a good and refreshing hobby for all who are fed up with hectic work. Watching an alluring crystal clear aquarium relieves the stress. If you want to grab such an aquarium, consider the factors listed above: aquarium size, design & shape, heater, and so forth.

Suppose you are still bewildered and don’t know which one is best. You can give it a shot at the above-listed best 5-gallon betta fish tank and 20-gallon aquarium for soothing the tropical fish. Tetra ColorFusion, Marineland LED Portrait Glass Aquarium kit, SeaClear Acrylic tank, and Hagen Fluval Chi are great value for money. Attributable to plenty of space, quality, price, and no brainer. In short, it includes everything which your bettas need. Let us know which one you find the best, or have you tried any of them for bettas?